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Venture Capital funds on Catalist and the benefits for investors
April 13, 2023

Venture Capital (VC) Funds are increasingly seeing the opportunities in listing on Catalist’s platform. The capital raise for Matū Iramoe, a deep-tech venture capital fund enabling access to retail investors, is currently open until April 14th with a minimum investment of $1,000. This is a deliberate strategy by Matū Group to both widen their pool of investors, and to democratise access to deep-tech companies.

Simply described as “clever people doing clever things”, deep-tech companies often emerge from science research within our Universities and Crown Research Institutes (CRIs). Retail investors have traditionally had limited access to investment opportunities in our most innovative and forward-thinking companies. Enabling access through the Catalist platform means that retail investors can now help scientists bring their ideas to life - and, potentially, change the world for the better.

Catalist’s platform provides a streamlined onboarding and anti-money laundering (AML) process, with access to a public marketplace and transparency for investors. Retail investors are able to access VC funds that were previously only made available to wholesale investors, and also exit an investment earlier with liquidity events through periodic auctions. Funds also offer a portfolio approach to risk management which can be appealing to those beginning their investment journey, or to those learning about deep-tech opportunities which can take a longer timeframe to deliver results.

Getting started

If you’re a retail investor and interested in investing in a portfolio of deep-tech companies, a VC fund can be a great starting point. Sign up to the Catalist platform for more information on upcoming offers.

By Michelle Polglase