The stock exchange designed for your growing business.

Unlock the power of tradable shares and stimulate new avenues of investments for your business through Catalist's marketplace. It's stacked with features to reduce the time and admin involved in capital raising, generating liquidity and managing different investment products.

List your business

Unleash your potential

The regulated nature of the Catalist Public Market means you can raise up to $20 million per year to fund growth.

Increased investor liquidity

Our periodic auctions give investors and founders the opportunity to trade their investments, with the ability to buy or sell financial products at a fair price, determined by supply and demand.

Customised trading schedule

Unlike a traditional stock exchange, all trading on Catalist is conducted through periodic auctions. Set your own auction schedule from once a year to every month.

Less admin

Electronic share transfers, automatically updated share registries and automated controls, which protect the orderly pricing of financial products, reduce the time and administration involved in your business' capital raise and secondary trading.

We're transforming New Zealand's capital markets.

Catalist is a new way for New Zealand businesses with high growth potential to raise capital, generate liquidity and manage investment from both retail and wholesale investors.

Until now, medium-sized businesses had limited options when it came to raising capital. Large businesses can complete a full public listing on a traditional stock exchange, and start-ups have funding initiatives like equity crowdfunding, bank loans, angel investment, or borrowing from friends and family. Catalist is a unique licensed and regulated stock exchange that bridges the divide.

List your business

Three ways  to list.

Our marketplace is designed to meet the needs for whatever stage of business growth you're at, with the option to list on the Public Market, Wholesale Markets or Private Markets.


Catalist Public Market

The Catalist Public Market enables your business to publicly list on a stock exchange, similar to a traditional stock exchange, where you can access everyday investors (called 'retail investors'). The key difference is Catalist uses periodic trading. Not only does this help to reduce the costs, administration and regulatory burden for your business, but provides your everyday investors with the heightened confidence that comes from trading on a licensed and regulated stock exchange.

The regulated nature of the Catalist Public Market means your business can raise up to $20 million per year to help you grow.

There is no minimum size for your business to list on the Catalist Public Market. However, it is generally best suited to businesses valued over $10 million and under $60 million, at the time you join. We support businesses up to a value of $100 million and beyond.


Catalist Wholesale Markets

Our Catalist Wholesale Markets enable your business to run your own market, using our platform, including reaching out to new investors. In most circumstances, you can only offer financial products to new wholesale investors, or existing investors who meet certain criteria.

Our unique regulatory approvals mean your business can still benefit from paperless automated transactions when you use a Catalist Wholesale Market.


Catalist Private Markets

Our Catalist Private Markets are a great solution for liquidity, as well as facilitating private wholesale capital raising. With this service, your business uses our platform to run your own market, which is only accessible to your private investors. This allows you to simply manage any capital raising and trading of your investments through private auctions, with settlement completed electronically. The Private Markets can have flexible rules, suited to your business, and are not subject to the same rules and regulations as our Public Market.

Our unique regulatory approvals mean your business can still benefit from paperless automated transactions when you use a Catalist Private Market.

Why we use periodic auctions.

Our periodic auctions not only help make investing simple, they're also designed and regulated to ensure transparent, fair and orderly pricing for investments.

Auctions can be purely for capital raising purposes (capital raising auctions), where your business is selling additional investments to investors, or they can be for investors to trade existing investments between themselves (secondary market auctions), or they can be both at the same time.

If you'd like to know more about the auction process, have a read of our page on marketplace mechanics.

How our marketplace works

Join Catalist and accelerate your business' growth.

Step 1

Expressions of interest

Send us an email and we'll get in touch to discuss your options and the ways listing on Catalist could benefit your business.

Step 2

Prepare your Information Memorandum

We'll walk you through the application process and provide guidance on how to prepare your Information Memorandum, including information on recommended financial disclosures. If you're listing on our Public Market, we recommend you have support from you professional advisors, such as lawyers and accountants.

Step 3

Compliance checks

Like any regulated financial business, we'll request certain information about your business and documentation to verify your identity and the beneficial ownership of your business. We'll also provide a detailed checklist and be here to help you through the listing process.

Step 4

You're set up and ready to list

When we know you can comply with our Issuer Rules, we can list your business on the market.

List your business


Joining Catalist

My business is valued at over $100 million. Can I join Catalist?

We offer fewer options for businesses valued at over $100 million, but get in contact with us so we can understand your requirements and talk you through the options available.

Do we need to get an external valuation of the business?

No, you do not need to get an external valuation of your business. A valuation is not needed to determine whether you exceed our threshold maximum value. Nor is it required to be provided to investors. However, it can be useful to indicate a valuation or valuation range that the directors believe the company should fall within and ensure sufficient information is provided to investors to justify that valuation or valuation range.

What happens when my business reaches a market capitalisation of $100 million?

Businesses may remain listed on the Catalist Public Market for up to a further two years, during which time we will assist the business to transition onto a more traditional stock exchange, such as the NZX or ASX, if the business wishes to do so. Businesses may remain on our wholesale markets after exceeding a market capitalisation of $100 million.